Mobile Apps for Learning

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6 Ways to Use Your Mobile Device for Learning


Working with documents.

Using email and cloud based sharing (iCloud, Dropbox, Dropbox Paper, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive) provides a easy way to share, open and work with our content while on the road. It also provides a simple way to provide more dynamic content to our audience.

Working with media.

Our mobile devices provide a great way to listen and watch media. We can expand our knowledge by creating a podcast or quick video based library to provide quick, easy to consume answers for our audience. You can use your device to record a meeting, a feedback loop with an expert or interview a speaker, a leader or a peer.

Interactive eBooks.

eBooks offer a great way to deliver content to a mobile device. This is great when you know your audience has limited bandwidth and needs to have access to content offline.

eBooks can be created for the iOS platform using iBooks Author a free download for your Mac. Sigil is a free open source mac and windows app that allows you to create eBooks, with some HTML knowledge, for any iOS and Android.

Interactive PDFs

iOS and Android mobile devices offer the ability to open, review, add feedback and interact with PDF files.

You can also easily add interactive links within a PDF to prototype, demonstrate and provide a more interactive experience for a stakeholder to learn, reference and gather feedback.


Using your mobile browser, you can browse, access and perform the same functions and sites that we use on our desktop browsers.

This makes it easy to access information, pull up a resource, or get just in time learning whether its some text, a graphic, a activity or a video.

Web App

Using your mobile browser, you can access a web site that acts or performs a specific function, acts as a app or a tool. Web Apps allow users to search for the latest data, track their progress, share or edit data and more.

The advantage of a web app, is that its controlled on the server so the same data is access via mobile devices and desktops. You can insure the user always has access to the latest data because they have to access via the server.

Apps that can be used to create, manage and share.


Notability: Our Favorite

iOS | Mac

This app works on iPhones and iPads to capture your handwriting, photos and typing while providing several tools to quickly sketch ideas, capture audio and jump back to elements in relation to the recording.

Download Notability


iOS | Android | Windows | Mac

Fabulously Sharp & Intuitive on your HD Devices.

Great multi-os app that will sync via cloud so you can easily use any device to create, note, and track your ideas whether you are on a iOS, Android, Windows Surface or Mac or Windows desktop device. Similar to Evernote, Apple Notes and dozens of other products but if you need to be able to use several devices a great free cloud based app to get started.

Download OneNote
one note

Post-it App

iOS | Android


Capture your notes | Organize your thoughts | Share with Everyone

Download Post-it App

The Post-It App allows any device to take a picture to capture your sticky notes and it converts it to interactive thought board where you can move, reorganize and update to share with your team after the meeting. If you use post-its in your brainstorming, planning or creative process this is a must have app.


iOS | Andriod | Free

Office Lens trims, enhances, and makes pictures of whiteboards and docs readable by autocorrecting the angle to make them just about perfect with every snap. You can use Office Lens to convert images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files as well to your photo library.

Autodesk Sketch

iOS | Android | Windows | Mac

Sketch allows you to use your Apple Pencil or similar pen to draw, sketch, plan or wireframe a concept or idea while working your stakeholder. Its free to download and for a couple dollars a you unlock several additional features.

Download Autodesk Sketchbook
one note

Screen Mirroring

Mirroring your Mobile Device back to your Desktop

Two great apps that will allow your to mirror your device back to your computer and record or display via projector or tv output.


Windows | Mac

one note
Download Reflector

Air Parrot

Windows | Mac

one note Download Airparrot

Creating Content

Quick links to creative apps. Click each link to download or learn more.